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Public Records Request Form - (NON MEDICAL RECORDS)

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  3. Public Records Request Form - (NON MEDICAL RECORDS)

    For Medical Records Requests, please contact the Emergency Medical Services Bureau at 720-989-2310. Please use this form only to request a Phase I Environmental Search of addressed or vacant property, Property Condition Assessment information, a fire or investigation report.. Every effort is made to respond to your request within 72 hours. If you have questions, please email NOTE: No fee for Requests: A person granted the right to inspect SMFR records will not be charged a fee when the processing time to fulfill the records requests takes up to and including one hour. Fee for Requests: When processing time takes more than one hour, a copy fee of $.25 per standard page will be charged. Additionally, a reasonable research and retrieval fee of $33.58 per hour, not including the first hour, will also be charged. Other fees may apply for non-standard page formats. General: Where outside services are used to fulfill the request, applicable charges will apply. Thank you.

  4. 1A. General Incident (medical - see below) or Investigation Reports:

    Form will be submitted to Or, you can print and fax to: 720-989-2009.

  5. NOTE:

    If request is submitted online or through email, the information requested will be provided by email (unless specified otherwise). Note: If documentation is extensive, a DVD will be mailed to the address provided above.

  6. 1B. Misc. Documentation:

    Print and email or fax your request to: or fax to 720-989-2292.

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