Sixth & Seventh Grade

Classroom Visits From South Metro

Coming soon: Spring of 2024. South Metro's Risk Reduction Specialists are working hard to create a new in-person educational offering for sixth and seventh-grade students.

Please fill out our request form for more information.


Xplorlabs is an engaging and educational platform that encourages students to learn about the science of fire forensics and related topics to “solve through science.” It is especially focused on engaging middle-school students to encourage their continued interest in science at the critical juncture when students develop scientific identity.

Through a blended model of high-quality online interactive activities, videos, instructional experiences, hands-on classroom investigations, and creative classroom challenges, the Xplorlabs platform is a free, STEM-focused experience that creates interesting opportunities and STEM resources that create engagement, skills, knowledge, and action in the science of safety. Below, we have listed some of our favorite lesson plans for this age group!