Access the Emergency Property Mitigation Vendors

Emergency Property Mitigation Vendor Selection

South Metro Fire Rescue (SMFR) has created several rotational lists intended to ensure an appropriate company will be available to provide certain mitigation services during an emergency incident. This may occur when a property owner/insurance company is not available, when requested by the property owner for their convenience, or when SMFR is in need of the service. In general, a mitigation company will enter into an annual contract with SMFR, perform the services when requested on a rotational basis with other companies on a list, seek reimbursement through the property owner/responsible party, and provide evidence of completion to SMFR when requested.

Selection Process

Companies selected by SMFR must meet the following criteria:

  1. Companies interested in being on a rotational list may email Business Services staff; however, the addition of companies to the rotational list will only occur once a year around November.
  2. Company has demonstrated competency and satisfactory performance as it relates to the services provided of emergency property mitigation. 
  3. Must be licensed to conduct business in the State of Colorado. 
  4. Must have proof of lability insurance as defined by the agreement. 
  5. Items (3) and (4) shall be provided when the agreement is signed and yearly as the agreement is renewed.

Performance Expectations

Upon notification, a company representative shall acknowledge and arrive on scene within a specified amount of time. Employees of the company must have a basic understanding of incident command and must check in with the Incident Commander upon arrival at a scene. All companies must understand no solicitation for additional services other than those outlined within the agreement or this document shall occur by a company’s employee to any property owner. If it is determined that this has occurred, it will result in immediate termination of contract and void all future call-out opportunities for that company. Vendors on the list shall not appear on a scene without being contacted by SMFR. This may result in the immediate termination of services. A company may be removed from this list at any time if it has been determined they do not meet the services as agreed to or due to complaints filed from property owners that are substantiated.

Vendor Lists