Advanced Resource Medic (ARM)

The Advanced Resource Medic program is a new service the Authority is testing that is a public/private partnership that gives patients more choices in healthcare when they call 911. So far the public’s response to the service has been positive with citizens saying they love the option to skip the ER when it truly isn’t needed.

The Advanced Resource Medic provides the following benefits:

a. Deploys an Advanced Practice Paramedic and a Nurse Practitioner to non-life threatening EMS calls, in addition to a transport Medic Unit and in place of an Engine or Tower company.
b. Decreases costs associated with operating additional apparatus including gas and maintenance.
c. Increases availability of Engine or Tower companies for life threatening or potentially life threatening calls
d. Increases on-scene medical capability
e. Decreases transport and emergency room costs
f. The Nurse Practitioner can provide point of care testing such as rapid strep, urinalysis, etc. that increases diagnostic and treatment capabilities
g. When medical complexity, clinical presentation or other extenuating circumstances dictate, the patient will be transported by Medic Unit to closest appropriate emergency department without delay.
h. When presentation, diagnosis and treatment options are appropriate for on-scene management or alternative disposition, the patient will be informed as to the treatment options available to them. The patient will choose the treatment option that work best for them.