Engine/Medic Demonstration

An engine/medic unit demonstration is when a fire apparatus and/or medical unit come to a specified location to provide an educational orientation to the fire apparatus and its equipment. Demos are generally 30 minutes long. During an engine/medic unit demo, personnel stay in-service and with their apparatus prepared to respond to calls for service.

Requests for engine/medic unit demos must meet the following requirements:

  • Group must be citizens of the district
  • Group/class is allowed one demo per school year
  • Group cannot be a scouting troop 
  • Group/class must be one of the following:
  • Religious/spiritual
  • Educational
  • Non-profit
  • Group/class target audience is over the age of 4

SMFR will not:

  • Provide engine/medic unit demos for a for-profit business
  • Provide engine/medic unit demos at a place of residence

✔ If your group/class meet the above requirements, please click here 

 * Please note that due to schedule we cannot change the time slot or move your scheduled time if crews get called out for service. SMFR reserves the right to deny any request. If your request is not approved, you will receive timely notification of the reason.