Community Services Division

Chief Rhodes

This division maintains exceptional community connectivity within our boundaries, focuses on high hazards in our community, and empowers change through public education and risk reduction programs. The main functions in Community Services include:

  • Community Risk Reduction: SMFR helps with the prevention of fires and injuries through a variety of programs offered. The Community Risk Reduction Specialists work within the South Metro community to ensure that residents learn how to become safer at home or at work.
  • Emergency Management: This function plans, coordinates and supports a wide range of activities that help communities reduce vulnerability to hazards, prepare for and cope with disasters. Additionally, emergency management works to provide continuity of operations to ensure South Metro continues to deliver service to our community no matter what the disaster may be -- building resiliency and readiness for the organization.
  • South Metro Safety Foundation: The Foundation is dedicated to the support and augmentation of education for the general public in life safety, fire and accident prevention with the objective of reducing injuries, loss of life, and property damage. For more information, please visit the South Metro Foundation website.