Firefighter Careers

SMFR uniformed Firefighters protect lives and property through their involvement in firefighting, emergency medical care, fire prevention, disaster response, community service and public education. SMFR has twenty fire stations that are staffed 24/7 with three shifts working rotating 48-96 shift schedule. In 2015, there were 16,762 District calls for service; approximately 61% of them were medical in nature.  
Click here for the personal advice from one of SMFR's very own, advice on “What it takes” to become a Firefighter
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  1. Hiring Overview
  2. Minimum Qualifications
  3. Test Components
  4. Benefits

Hiring Process Overview

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Candidates are required to take the FireTEAM test.  You can take the FireTEAM test at a number of different testing centers across the United States on various dates.  In order to take the FireTEAM test you must visit their website, identify a testing center near you and register to take the test.  Space is limited so please don’t delay and register ASAP at:  
National Testing Network FireTEAM  

Step #2  CPAT


Candidates are required to have a CPAT certificate.  If you do not have a valid CPAT certificate you will need to obtain one by application Deadline
see AIMS CPAT for details.   


Based off of the FireTEAM scores, a limited number of candidates will be invited to submit an application   


After Applications are submitted, a limited number of candidates will be invited back for the Oral Board Process.