Learning Symposium

South Metro Fire Rescue's 7th Annual Learning Symposium  2016

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To be waitlisted for a class that is no longer open for registration, please call Julianne Kadel in Training at 720-989-2362.
This conference is designed to provide area firefighters a high quality training for a reasonable investment.  Instructors will include firefighters & officers from area fire departments.  Colorado Division of Prevention & Control’s Job Performance Requirements {JPRs} will be incorporated into all classes.

"Hard to Kill" 
8 Hour Class, Sept. 30 - 0800-1700

Much like combat, the fireground demands that firefighters and fire officers function effectively under fire. This presentation challenges the fallacies promoted by the "culture of safety" and introduces a more appropriate paradigm for fireground operations - the "culture of survival, discipline and leadership". The paradigm functions to enhance the survivability of firefighters while
enabling the fire service to remain steadfast in its commitment to protecting the public. This presentation examines mental, physical and technical themes that have fostered a culture of survival, discipline and leadership on the battlefield and the fireground. 

8 Hour Class, Oct. 1st, Oct. 2nd - 0800-1700

This Irons and Ladders full day class consists of a morning classroom session with the remainder of the day spent doing hands on forcible entry.  Participants should walk away from this class very comfortable in sizing up doors and defeating a large amount of practical forcible entry problems. 

Instructional Methodology
8 Hour Class, Oct. 1st & 2nd - 0800-1700 each day
12 Hour Class, Oct. 1st - 0800-1700, Oct. 2nd - 0800-1200
8 Hour Class, Oct. 1st - 0800-1700
4 Hour Class, Oct. 1st - 0800-1200

A participant can take any or all of the sections depending on their hours needed. Each section will incorporate hands-on activities, hand-outs, and instruction. An advantage to this type of classroom facilitation with members from multiple agencies is the concept of sharing experiences and ideas in a formal setting, while having content and activities that promote model instruction and pedagogy.  The objective of this course is to meet the Colorado Division of Fire Safety’s requirement for the 16 Hour Instructional Methodology course. The participant will also be able to design and implement a lesson plan that can be used immediately following the completion of the course. The sixteen hour course will be broken up into four 4-hour sections.  

Fundamental Ladders
4 Hour Class, Oct. 1st, Oct. 2nd - 0800-1200

The class will focus on the basic, fundamental skills involved with ladders.  Skills to include footing, leg locks, carries, single and 2-person throws, raising and lowering, moving with tools, and victim removal.  

Tactical Fitness
4 Hour Class, Oct. 1st - 0800-1200

Define what the specifics of the tactical athlete are.  Defining the specific characteristics and training challenges that are involved.  Will be discussion what is the foundational education knowledge required to create a successful environment in the field of strength and conditioning for the fire athlete.  Review basic strength and conditioning concepts and then discuss a complete view of overall wellness and health for any individual in a tactical field.  

Cardiac ACLS PALS Pitfalls
4 Hour Class, Oct. 1st - 0800-1200

We will cover what ACLS and PALS leaves unscripted.  Walking through case studies we will dissect complex patient presentations and treatments filling in the gaps ACLS and PALS leaves. 

High Rise Firefighting
4 Hour Class, Oct. 1st,  - 0800-1200

4 Hour Class, Oct. 1st -   1300-1700

Students will get class room and hands on experience with high rise firefighting from members of Denver Engine 1 and Dave McGrail of Denver Fire Department.  

2 1/2" BTU vs GPM
4 Hour Class, Oct. 1st - 1300-1700
4 Hour Class, Oct. 2nd - 1300-1700

When and why the 2.5 should be used - response times, BTU vs GPM, staffing.  The goal is for everyone to be comfortable pulling the 2 1/2" handline when it's needed, and understanding why it may be needed.  For students to then share what they take from this class and hopefully benefit their respective agencies.  We will share several tactics for moving a 2 1/2" that can be utilized no matter the staffing numbers, or rather the agency is rural or city.  Being comfortable with our tools allows us to focus on the task at hand, we provide a better service and it's safer.  

4 Hour Class, Oct. 1st - 1300-1700

Students will get plenty of hands on practice with ground ladders and multiple reps entering windows, retrieving victims and bringing them down the ladder.  This class will be all hands on.  

Fire Behavior for the Working Firefighter
4 Hour Class, Oct. 1st - 1300-1700

There is an incredible amount of great scientific information on fire behavior that is available to today's firefighters.  Realizing we are firefighters and not scientists, this class will break down the latest and greatest information on fire behavior to simple concepts that a firefighter can use during size-up, when attacking the fire and when making decisions on how to ventilate a fire.  

4 Hour Class, Oct. 1st - 1300-1700
4 Hour Class, Oct. 2nd - 1300-1700

Basic extrication b post blow out with dash lift and roof flop.  Also basic stabilization.  Students will get plenty of hands on experience and tool time in this class. 

Airway Intubation Auto Ex
4 Hour Class, Oct. 2nd - 0800-1700

Dr. Miller - Difficult intubation including the extrication.  This class is split down the middle with lecture and will be followed up with practical exercises on mannequins using vehicles at different stages of extrication to add difficulty.  Not only will you learn tips and tricks, but you will leave the class with confidence from hands on application. 

Truck Company Operations
4 Hour Class, Oct. 2nd - 1300-1700

Students will get hands on practice with various truck company skills.  Including ground ladder work, VEIS, vertical  vent, and search and rescue.  Students will be searching in a burn building with active fire.  

Horizontal Standpipe
4 Hour Class, Oct. 2nd - 0800-1200

Students will go over South Metro's hose loads.  Students will be shown and practice horizontal standpipes (apartment stretches).  Students will also practice moving hoselines' down hallways and into rooms.  Students will also practice handling flowing hose lines.  

Rescue In & After IDLH
4 Hour Class, Oct. 2nd -  0800-1200
4 Hour Class, Oct. 3nd - 1300-1700

Strategies for quick treatment and transport of a downed firefighter or victim.  

Aerial Ladder Rope Rescue
4 Hour Class, Oct. 2nd - 0800-1200

Basic rope rescue class.  Aerial rope rescue with a simple belay, z-rig, and end with aerial pick off, above and below grade.  Classroom and hands on work.