Preparedness Division

The South Metro Fire Rescue Preparedness Division is responsible for Emergency Management, Community Risk Reduction, Public Education, EMS Training, Fire Training and Special Operations.  For more information check out the 2015 State of the Preparedness Division report.

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 Kevin Milan Jon Adams Steve Standridge 
Assistant Chief Bureau Chief Emergency Manager 
of Preparedness Training Division Preparedness 

Training Bureau

The Training Bureau believes that the SMFR firefighters should be well-trained and have the ability to test their skills on a regular basis. With a separate training facility, that houses an auditorium, large classroom, training grounds, and various training structures, we provide the opportunity for our firefighters to obtain and maintain a high level of skill on the fire ground.

Special Operations

Special Operations is comprised of eight special teams and six special programs. Each program and team coordinator is responsible for the respective day-to-day operations, training, apparatus / equipment, resources, and administrative needs.

Life Safety Education Unit

The Life Safety Education Unit develops Community Risk Reduction programs that target populations most vulnerable to risks in our district.  Community Risk Reduction Specialists combine education, engineering, enforcement, economic incentive and empowerment to reduce vulnerability to fire, injuries, illnesses and disasters.