Operations Division

Assistant Chief Responsibilities

The Operations Division is the largest division of the District. Jon Adams is currently the Assistant Chief of Operations, and oversees several bureaus within the division: emergency medical services (EMS), training, and special operations. 

Jon Adams


Operations personnel are well-trained and have the resources needed to provide firefighting, emergency medical service, vehicle rescue / extrication, technical rescue, hazardous materials, water rescue, wildland fires, urban search and rescue, aircraft rescue, and SWAT medic responses. Training and equipment are very important, particularly in the authority’s diverse service area, which includes the Tech Center and its high rise buildings, rural neighborhoods with forest and trails, Centennial Airport, and the Cherry Creek State Park.

Emergency Medical Services Bureau

The Emergency Medical Services Bureau is a major part of what we do at South Metro Fire Rescue (SMFR). In fact, the majority of our calls for service each day involve emergency medicine. That is why all of our firefighters are also required to be state-certified emergency medical technicians - basic (EMT-Bs), with many of those more highly trained EMT-Ps or paramedics.